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Breast surgery

Body Clinic specializes in breast surgery. Dr Pavel Holuša and his outstanding knowledge and expertise in the field of breast surgery predetermined the Clinic's specialization. Thanks to Dr Holuša's sharing of expertise with colleagues from the Body Clinic, breast surgery has become the strength of our surgeons.

Every year, Body Clinic's surgeons perform hundreds of breast surgeries. Thanks to their experience, they are not surprised by any unexpected complication and know how to deal with these situations efficiently. The first-class standard, professionalism and empathetic approach are the reasons why many celebrities have entrusted their bodies into the hands of plastic surgeons from the Body Clinic.

We have been following trends and gathering practical experience for decades. At the Body Clinic, we use solely well proven and safe methods. Each method specific and suitable for each different type of women. During your in-person consultation, the surgeon will help you choose the most suitable method for you.

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+420 549 213 660
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